Airtrak-EAsp Roof Ventilator
Airtrak-EA120 Roof Ventilator
Airtrak-EAsp220 Roof Ventilator
Airtrak-EA100 Roof Ventilator
Airtrak-VR150 Roof Ventilator
Airtrak-PRV Roof Ventilator


The Airtrak brochure is a must have for anyone involved in specifying or designing a cold roof construction. The Airtrak products are a range of point and linear ventilators providing passive roof void ventilation. These ventilators provide a proprietary solution to ventilation details which have been traditionally difficult to detail and construct. The Airtrak ventilators can be used in all cold roof constructions to introduce ventilation required by regulations. In addition to lead and metal roof coverings the range now includes ventilators for use with slate and tiled, built up felt and single ply roofing.

The Airtrak range of ventilators covers all types of cold roofs.

Ventilators for Fully Supported Metal roofing

Airtrak ventilators for fully supported metal roofing including lead, copper and zinc. Options of linear and point ventilators provide a versatile range of products enabling simple detailing with the Airtrak propri