Ensuring weathertight details at roof level is critical to the integrity of your building. Nicholson manufactures specialist roof products that are engineered to exacting standards and compatible with almost every roof type so that you can be assured that the investment in your building is protected.


roof void ventilation system

AIRTRAK - Roof Void Ventilation

AIRTRAK® – a proprietary passive ventilation system for the ventilation of roof voids and the control of condensation

integrated fixing point system

ROOFTRAK - Fixing Point

ROOFTRAK® – weathering membrane integrated fixing points for solar, cladding and balustrade

roof penetration fittings

ROOFPORT - Roof Penetration

ROOFPORT® – penetration and ventilation fittings at roof level

riser weathering system

ROOFBOX - Roof Cabinets

ROOFBOX® – a proprietary riser weathering system with standard, bespoke and retrofit options

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