Blackdown Hills


The remarkable design of this house set in an area of outstanding natural beauty – Blackdown Hills, Devon was the brainchild of owners Stephen Tetlow and his wife, Elizabeth. The spiral design which was inspired by a fossil and based on the Fibonacci spiral, created a truly unique dwelling that was recently featured on Grand Designs.

The Challenge

The design boasted a curved timber clad roof including solar panels. The challenge of how to connect the timber cladding and solar panels to the structure without affecting the integrity of the weathering membrane was compounded by the multi plane curvature of the design.
Waterproofing system supplier – Danosa was involved in the project from an early stage and recommended the Nicholson Integrated Fixing Point (IFP) for consideration as a solution to the problem.

The Solution

Nicholson supplied some sample IFP fittings manufactured with identical roofing membrane to ensure the integrity of the main roof was maintained. Our technical experts also visited the site to discuss and advise on the intended use of the IFP for securing the timber cladding and the solar panels.

As the pictures show, the low profile Rooftrak-IFP fittings were used at strategic positions across the entire roof to form a series of waterproof connection points to which the cladding system and the solar panels could be securely bolted.

The ROOFTRAK Integrated Fixing Point system is produced by Nicholson and is compatible with all types of roof weathering systems and all types of roof construction. Its use has featured in other award winning buildings such as the Crows Nest, Dorset and North Vat, Dungeness.

Images – By kind permission of SJ & EH Tetlow



Roofing Contactor

Products Used

integrated fixing point

The ROOFTRAK-IFP Integrated Fixing Point system has been developed specifically around the challenging scenario of providing a connection to the building structure whilst maintaining 100% integrity of the weathering membrane. There are different fittings available to provide for most types of roof construction and the IFP system is compatible with all roofing membranes.

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