Green solar roof


The Nicholson IFP-GR was selected to overcome the challenges of installing solar PV on this green roof construction in Chalk Farm. As always, solar panels need to resist wind uplift caused by high winds which often requires them to be mechanically fixed to the building structure. Naturally, the weathering membrane lies between the solar panels and the structure, thus immediately presenting a problem of making the connection between the two without compromising the all essential waterproofing layer.

This concept becomes even more challenging with green roof constructions as the weathering membrane lies underneath the build-up of the green roof.

The IFP-GR Green Roof Fixing Points were supplied factory fitted with a weathering flange of Tectofin single ply membrane as used for the waterproofing membrane in the green roof build up. This enabled them to be easily integrated into the main roofing area waterproofing with no compatibility issues and maintaining the warranty of the roof.

The IFP-GR provided a fixing point which will remain accessible and above the green roof build-up even as the roof matures and the greenery grows up to the intended level.

Nicholson supplied a movement bracket developed specifically for the IFP-GR. This facilitates the thermal expansion and contraction of the rails supporting the solar panels whilst retaining them in place.

The Nicholson ROOFPORT® RP50 was also used to provide weatherproof entry points for the PV cables. The base flange of the RP50 was weathered into the Tectofin waterproofing layer providing a 50mm diameter upstand. The removable weathering hood enables the fitting to be installed with the roofing but allows the cables to be installed through the fitting at a later date.



Solar Installer

Just Energy Solutions Ltd

Main Contractor

Optic Realm Ltd

Products Used

integrated fixing point

The ROOFTRAK-IFP Integrated Fixing Point system has been developed specifically around the challenging scenario of providing a connection to the building structure whilst maintaining 100% integrity of the weathering membrane. There are different fittings available to provide for most types of roof construction and the IFP system is compatible with all roofing membranes.


The ROOFPORT® range of products enable the safe passage of cables and pipes through the waterproofing layer whilst maintaining the integrity of the roof covering. Variants available for use with all roof coverings including single ply, bitumen and liquid applied systems. The removable weathering hood ensures the simple installation of services.

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