New Loom House


New Loom House is a stunning Grade II listed building situated in Whitechapel in the East End of London. Originally constructed in 1982 as a wool warehouse, it was converted to offices in 1991.

The building has recently undergone extensive refurbishment on the 5 floors which also necessitated a complete overhaul of the roof which was used to site much of the air-conditioning and air handling equipment.

London based roofing contractor Sunrise Roofing Ltd worked with the main contractor Paragon Plc to undertake the new overlay of the existing roof finishes with a bitumen membrane system.

Through the course of the roofing works the old rooflights which had been used to route the existing a/c pipes and cabling were removed and replaced with new. New pipework and cabling was re-routed to existing and new roof openings which were weathered with the Nicholson ROOFBOX units.

Each of the 16 service penetration locations were surveyed to enable Nicholson to provide bespoke units for the site.

Mill finish aluminium kerb sections and insulated aluminium units were supplied with separate duct and pipe cowls to enable the contractors on site to position the necessary collars according to their services.

Retro-fit kerb sections

Many of the service openings at roof level already had pipes or cables in position before Nicholson became involved with the project. The existing timberwork to the kerbs was inconsistent and in many places not high enough. New retro-fit aluminium kerbs were supplied in two halves enabling the roofing contractors to insert the new kerb sections around the in-situ services before weathering them onto the new roof finish.

ROOFBOX Specification

The ROOFBOX range of cable, pipe and duct penetration units provides a proprietary solution to a difficult detail. ROOFBOX units are fabricated from aluminium and are pre-insulated with rigid insulation. Removable lid sections mean that services can be easily routed through the unit after installation. Services can penetrate any vertical face of the unit and additional hood or collar details can be added to weather the penetrations. The ROOFBOX range include standard size units which are available for immediate delivery or bespoke units to suit your site condition. Separate kerb sections are supplied with the units where required in either insulated aluminium or UPVC.



Main Contractor

Paragon Plc

Services Consultant

Products Used

roof cabinets

The ROOFBOX® weathering system for service penetrations provides a proprietary and guaranteed solution to the inherent problems associated with bringing pipes, cables and ducts through the waterproofing layer at roof level. These insulated aluminium units are powder coated and provide an alternative to the traditional ‘dog kennel’ approach to weathering services as they exit onto the roof.

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