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With over 50 years’ experience in the construction industry, we understand the challenges that face designers and specifiers daily when it comes to roofing. All of our products have been designed and engineered in-house to solve common roofing problems.

Our interactive learning sessions are delivered by a technical expert, giving you the opportunity to get your questions answered and ensuring you leave with more knowledge than when you arrived. 


RIBA Approved CPDs      

the importance of ventilation in lead roofing

This CPD looks at why ventilation in lead covered roofs is so important, what can happen if this is not considered and what is depicted as the standard in BS5250 Control of Condensation in Buildings


roof void ventilation and the control of condensation

This CPD highlights issues relating to interstitial condensation, typical scenarios and conditions which contribute to the likelihood of it forming and the possible effects that it can have on the structure.


key considerations for specifiers around the issues with roof penetrations

This CPD provides attendees with a specific insight into the issues surrounding roof level service penetrations.  



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Principles of ventilation clearly explained by the presenter. I felt that the presentation was really useful for some of our less experienced staff members to help with detailing etc. Good use of supporting imagery in the presentation to show where ventilation should be located in the building. - Online attendee Feb 2021 (Going through the roof CPD) - Attendee Nov 2019 (Going through the roof CPD)

Excellent CPDOnline attendee Feb 2021 (Roof void ventilation CPD)

Useful information to solve an age old problem!- Online attendee Dec 2020 (Going through the roof CPD)

The cpd was very well presented and a lot of information was covered in a very short space of time. - Online attendee Nov 2020 (The importance of ventilation CPD)

I felt the presentation was very informative and well delivered and of great benefit to my knowledge going forward. - Online attendee Oct 2020 (Roofbox product presentation)

Works great online - good pace of the presenter, good delivery and above all a good internet connection! Thanks. - Online attendee Sept 2020 (Going through the roof CPD)