Kenwood House


Kenwood House, set on the edge of North London’s Hampstead Heath, is a masterpiece created by the famous Scottish architect Robert Adam. This neoclassical villa was home for William Murray, 1st Earl of Mansfield.

Shortly after World War 1 the 6th Earl came very close to selling off Kenwood for development however the brewing magnate Edward Cecil Guinness, 1st Earl of Iveagh, brought the estate. He never lived there but left the estate to the nation including an excellent collection of paintings including works by Gainsborough, Reynolds, Turner and Rembrandt.

Unfortunately in recent years the house was showing signs of a much needed makeover and problems with the roof were endangering the beautiful interiors and works of art.

During 2013 extensive refurbishment of the house took place made possible by a £3.9m lottery fund and private investment. The works of art were despatched to the US for a touring exhibition whilst the refurbishment of the roof and much of the interior was under way. Nicholson worked with the architects Carden & Godfrey and roofing contractors Stirling & Johnston to ensure the roof void ventilation details from the Airtrak range harmonised with the construction details on site

Nicholson Airtrak roof void ventilation system provides an unobtrusive slimline detail that enables the correct amount of ventilation to be designed into the roof structure.

Constructed of stainless steel the Airtrak ventilation profiles are designed to function for the lifetime of the roof.

Kenwood House utilised a range of Airtrak details including the Airtrak-LB45 Layboard ventilator to provide ventilation at the junction between the parapet gutters and the eaves of the slating, ridge ventilators, Airtrak-AB Abutment ventilators where the roofing met the flank walls.




Main Contractor

Stirling & Johnston

Products Used

Roof Void Ventilation System

AIRTRAK is a proprietary range of ventilators designed specifically for the ventilation of roof voids. AIRTRAK assists specifiers, builders and specialist contractors in helping them to meet the requirements of the Building Regulations in relation to the important issue of roof void ventilation and the control of condensation.

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