Airtrak Airboard

Roof decking for fully supported metal roofing



The Airtrak Airboard decking system has been developed specifically for fully supported metal roofing and can be used in conjunction with the range of Airtrak ventilators. The patent pending protected design features perforations in hardwood sheet plywood to ensure that the ventilation of the roof void also extends to the underside of the metal roofing, the point where condensation is most likely to occur.

Due to the configuration of the slots, no part of the underside of the metal roof is further than 50mm from a ventilation slot ensuring that this area has a direct and quantifiable connection with the ventilated zone beneath the decking. This is important as any moisture ingress into fully supported metal roofing through the expansion joints can be become trapped between the roofing deck and the metal roof covering where there is no
direct connection to the ventilated void below.

Airtrak Airboard combines the advantage of a smooth engineered board finish with a direct connection to the ventilated zone beneath, only otherwise achievable using the traditional ‘penny gap’ boarding method. The effects of warping and twisted boards showing through the metal roof covering, often associated with the penny gap boarding method, are avoided and a consistent and quantifiable amount of ventilation through
to the underside of the roof deck is achieved.

It may be used with or without a separating membrane between the plywood and the roofing material. Airboard has a liquid applied impervious coating to the uppermost face. This protects the board from damage by weather during the construction process and also prevents the migration of any chemicals and other compounds from the plywood towards the metal roofing.

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