Airtrak LV15

Lead Roof Ventilator roofpitch under 30°

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The LV15 Lead Roof Ventilator is a compact point ventilator for flat or pitched lead covered roofs up to 30°. It is useful for introducing ventilation into roof voids which cannot easily utilise the Airtrak linear ventilators. The LV15 can also be supplied with a stainless steel insert inside the weathering hood. This provides extra strength and is recommended when the LV15 is sited where it might be vulnerable to mechanical damage. These areas would include roof walkways, escape routes and areas accessed by maintenance contractors. The LV15 can also be used as a termination for extract ducts. It can also be used for situations where additional ventilation is required or retrofitted to roofs where no ventilation was initially installed.

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Point ventilators for lead roofing

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Point Ventilator

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