ROOFTRAK IFP-MR – Metal Roof- Lead flange

For metal roof coverings. A new addition to the range which accommodates the thermal movement experienced in metal roof coverings such as lead, zinc & copper.

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The IFP-MR is designed for use in fully supported metal roofing as a fixing point. The IFP-MR is designed to move with the metal roof covering as it expands and contracts overcoming the problem of providing an external fixing point without limiting thermal movement. It can move up to 25mm making it compatible with all metal roofing coverings. The IFP-MR is factory fitted with a flashing flange which can be supplied in any metal roofing material so that it integrates with the roof it is being used on. Where necessary, the IFP-MR should be used with the IFP-MB Movement Bracket to enable the free movement of the fitting.

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Cold Roof, Pitched, Vertical

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