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Airtrak-EAsp Roof Ventilator
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AIRTRAK™ Roof Void Ventilation System

AIRTRAK is a proprietary range of ventilators designed specifically for the ventilation of roof voids. AIRTRAK assists specifiers, builders and specialist contractors in helping them to meet the requirements of the Building Regulations in relation to the important issue of roof void ventilation and the control of condensation.

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roof void ventilation      roof void ventilation

Request a hard copy AIRTRAK™ brochure

The AIRTRAK brochure is an essential tool for anyone involved in specifying or designing roofs requiring ventilation. The easy to use e-brochure has been designed to assist specifiers with downloads of pdf and dwg files directly from the brochure page. The brochure consists of five sections to help users arrive quickly at the correct product.


AIRTRAK Point Ventilators

AIRTRAK Linear Ventilators


AIRTRAK - Slate & Tile

AIRTRAK Vent Accessories

AIRTRAK - Airboard


  • Proprietary products that give the required amount of ventilation
  • Fast to fit
  • Flyscreen mesh included
  • Quickly available
  • Designed to function for the lifetime of the roof
  • Slimline, neat details
  • Accepted by the Lead Sheet Association

Product List

  • AIRTRAK-AB1             Abutment Ventilator for f/s metal roofing & single ply
  • AIRTRAK-AB2             Abutment Ventilator for built up felt roofing
  • AIRTRAK-AB3             Abutment Ventilator for asphalt roofing – vertical 
  • AIRTRAK-AB4             Abutment Ventilator for asphalt roofing – splayed
  • AIRTRAK-AB5             Abutment Ventilator for hard metal roofing
  • AIRTRAK-AB6             Parapet Abutment Ventilator           
  • AIRTRAK-AIRBOARD  Airboard decking for fully supported metal roofing
  • AIRTRAK-BRV1           Between Roll Ventilator 0 - 30°
  • AIRTRAK-BRV2           Between Roll Ventilator 30 - 65°
  • AIRTRAK-CF               Clipfast Clips
  • AIRTRAK-CL               Cladding Ventilator
  • AIRTRAK-CP               Change of Pitch Ventilator
  • AIRTRAK-CS               Comb Strip Ventilator
  • AIRTRAK-CV               Cheek Ventilator
  • AIRTRAK-EA75           Eaves Ventilator 75mm downstand
  • AIRTRAK-EA100          Eaves Ventilator 100mm downstand
  • AIRTRAK-EA120          Eaves Ventilator 120mm downstand
  • AIRTRAK-EA150          Eaves Ventilator 150mm downstand
  • AIRTRAK-EC                Eaves Carrier
  • AIRTRAK-F10              Facia Ventilator 10mm
  • AIRTRAK-F25              Facia Ventilator 25mm
  • AIRTRAK-IL100           Inline Ventilator 100mm
  • AIRTRAK-IL145           Inline Ventilator 145mm
  • AIRTRAK-IL180           Inline Ventilator 180mm
  • AIRTRAK-IM1000        Insect Mesh
  • AIRTRAK-LB20            Layboard Ventilator 20-29 degs
  • AIRTRAK-LB30            Layboard Ventilator 30-44 degs
  • AIRTRAK-LB45            Layboard Ventilator 45+ degs
  • AIRTRAK-LPS150        Low Pitch Soaker 150mm
  • AIRTRAK-LPS225        Low Pitch Soaker 225mm
  • AIRTRAK-LV9              Lead Roof Ventilator 9k
  • AIRTRAK-LV9 X           Lead Roof Terminal
  • AIRTRAK-LV9 S           Lead Roof Ventilator 9k with SS insert
  • AIRTRAK-LV15            Lead Roof Ventilator 15k
  • AIRTRAK-LV15 X         Lead Roof Terminal
  • AIRTRAK-LV15 S         Lead Roof Ventilator 15k with SS insert
  • AIRTRAK-MV150         Mansard Ventilator 150mm
  • AIRTRAK-MV200         Mansard Ventilator 200mm
  • AIRTRAK-MV225         Mansard Ventilator 225mm
  • AIRTRAK-PE100          Pitched Eaves Ventilator 100mm
  • AIRTRAK-PE120          Pitched Eaves Ventilator 120mm
  • AIRTRAK-PE150          Pitched Eaves Ventilator 150mm
  • AIRTRAK-PRV              Pitched Roof Ventilator
  • AIRTRAK-PV10            Pitched Valley Ventilator 10mm
  • AIRTRAK-PV10M         Pitched Valley Ventilator 10mm + mesh
  • AIRTRAK-PV25            Pitched Valley Ventilator 25mm
  • AIRTRAK-PV25M         Pitched Valley Ventilator 25mm + mesh
  • AIRTRAK-RTV              Ridge Tile Ventilator
  • AIRTRAK-RV                Roll Ventilator
  • AIRTRAK-SLV              Slate Ventilator
  • AIRTRAK-VA200          Ventilated Abutment 200mm            
  • AIRTRAK-VA250          Ventilated Abutment 250mm                        
  • AIRTRAK-VR200          Ventilated Ridge 200mm
  • AIRTRAK-VR250          Ventilated Ridge 250mm
  • AIRTRAK-VT18            Ventilated Trim 18mm
  • AIRTRAK-VT25            Ventilated Trim 25mm

Bespoke Products

Nicholson have the capability to produce bespoke one-off profiles. If you cannot find a product to meet your requirements in our standard range please contact our Technical Department 0845 0098 980 or send us a technical enquiry.