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ROOFBOX™ Roof Cabinets

The ROOFBOX range of roof cabinets provide a proprietary and guaranteed solution to the inherent problems associated with bringing pipes, cables and ducts through the waterproofing layer at roof level. These insulated aluminium units are powder coated and provide an alternative to the traditonal 'dog kennel' approach to weathering services as they exit onto the roof.



The ROOFBOX products fall into four catagories;


The Roofbox S standard roof cabinets provide a solution for smaller roof openings and service penetrations up to 600mm. These units are supplied as a set which comprises a kerb upstand, insulated cabinet and removable lid for access.  All Roofbox S units are supplied with internal PIR insulation and external PPC finish to RAL7047. The advantages of the ROOFBOX Standard units are;

  • Sizes S1 - S3 normally avaialble from stock
  • Insulated internally with PIR insulation
  • Apertures to units easily cut on site
  • Range of weathering accessories and louvres can be added retrospectively if required
  • Insulated kerb details to suit cold, warm and inverted roof constructions
  • Smart appearance and uniform detailing for multiple service locations

Roofbox S Bespoke

The Roofbox S cabinets can be manufactured to non standard sizes to suit site specific dimensions up to a maximumsize of 750mm x 1500mm x 750mm high.

To find out more about the Roofbox S roof cabinets download the Roofbox brochure or contact us to request PDF sections and DWG files.



The Roofbox M modular roof cabinets units are designed for larger roof openings and are manufactured in a modular format for easy assembly on site. These units utilise a modular aluminium or steel frame system to provide support for the insulated weathering panels. Modular units can provide particular benefit where services have already been installed, or where access is restricted, as they are supplied in component form for construction on site. The Roofbox M range is supplied with pre insulated aluminiuim panels finished to any RAL colour to suit your project. The standard range of Roofbox M roof cabinets come in six roof oening sizes each available in two different heights. The advantages of the Roofbox M range are;

  • 'No leak warranty' available
  • Suitable for larger roof openings
  • Delivered in kit form for assembly on site
  • Early weathering of roof apertures and prevention of possible falls
  • A flashing option to the base allows kerb upstands to be insulated
  • Removable panels enable addition of extra services at a later date
  • Bespoke options available for retrofitting where services have already been installed.
  • Fast site assembly/installation

Roofbox M Bespoke

Where required, we can manufacture the Roofbox M roof cabinets to suit as built conditions. Where appropriate, we will survey and provide working drawings for approval prior to manufacture. The Roofbox M Bespoke units are also required for where they will be located on a site built kerb rather than the Roofbox K kerbs.
Roofbox M Bespoke
To find out more about the Roofbox M roof cabinets download the Roofbox brochure or contact us to request PDF sections and DWG files.


Patent applied for

The Roofbox K series modular roof kerbs are an offsite approach to forming kerb upstands around roof openings. It removes the need for formwork involved in creating concrete kerbs and associated labour costs involved with this process. The standard Roofbox K kerb upstands K1 - K6 are compatible with the Roofbox M roof cabinets M1 - M6. The K series kerbs feature a thermal break helping to improve efficiency and reduce potential condensation issues. The K series modular kerb system can also be used on timber and steel deck roofs providing a ready to fit option that is quickly installed. The benefits of using the Roofbox K system are as follows;
  • Significant cost savings avoiding concrete formwork
  • Reduced weight of roof structure
  • Can be used on timber or concrete roof deck structures
  • Pre insulated for increased thermal performance
  • Made to size and supplied in kit form
  • Any height up to 600mm available
  • Compatible with the Roofbox M series

Roofbox K Bespoke

Where required bespoke versions of the Roofbox K upstands can be manufactured to suit the size of the structural opening and can be fitted to roof as soon as the slab or deck is completed. 

To find out more about the Roofbox K kerbs download the Roofbox brochure or contact us to request PDF sections and DWG files.

ROOFBOX Accessories

A complete range of flashing accessories are available to complement the Roofbox system

  • Universal Flashing System for rsqaure and rectangular ducts
  • Round and split flashings for circular ducts
  • Weathering hoods for cable trays and ladders
  • Louvre grilles
  • Access doors for maintenance
  • Custom flashings

To find out more about the Roofbox K kerbs download the Roofbox brochure or contact us to request PDF sections and DWG files.