ROOFBOX® Warranty

standard and modular roof cabinets

To ensure that our customers have complete peace of mind when specifying and using the Roofbox riser weathering system, three levels of warranty cover are offered for projects located within the United Kingdom to provide assurance as to the enduring integrity of this product.

There is no charge associated with any of these warranty arrangements which ensure that the Roofbox system is guaranteed to provide a robust weatherproof enclosure over a riser or services opening

All Roofbox units need to be installed correctly and in accordance with drawings and fitting instructions to be eligible for a warranty. The Roofbox MEP Services Installation Guide is provided to ensure best practise is achieved with MEP services arrangements. MEP services must be installed in accordance with this guidance.

There are three warranty levels available;

1) ROOFBOX® Standard Warranty
By default, all Roofbox products are covered for a period of 5 years with our Standard Roofbox Product Warranty. There is no requirement to register for a Standard Roofbox Warranty. Please view the Standard Roofbox Warranty Document for full details and conditions.
2) ROOFBOX® Level 1 Product Warranty

The warranty duration can be increased to a period of up to 10 years with our Level 1 Roofbox Product Warranty. There is a registration process with this warranty option.

  • Projects in locations with normal atmospheric conditions should be registered upon completion of the Roofbox installation.
  • Projects within 2km of coast or areas with adverse atmospheric conditions such as oil refineries or industrial works must be registered with Nicholson prior to order placement to ensure the appropriate surface treatment and finish is applied. In the event of a late registration for a project in a coastal or area of adverse atmospheric conditions, the warranty cover will default to the Standard Roofbox Warranty cover (see above)

Please view the Level 1 Roofbox Product Warranty Document for full details, conditions and how to register.

3) ROOFBOX® Level 2 Product Warranty

An extended warranty duration of up to 20 years can be requested for Modular Roofbox products only. An application is required for a Roofbox Level 2 Product Warranty. This application includes a collaboration agreement which provides a written framework between the Principal Contractor, Installation Contractor and MEP Services contractor

  • Roofbox Level 2 warranty applications must be made prior to delivery of goods to site. Late applications for Level 2 Roofbox Warranties will be refused.
  • Please note that the Level 2 Product Warranty is not available in coastal or in areas with other adverse conditions

Please view the Roofbox Level 2 Product Warranty Document for full details, conditions and how to apply for a Roofbox Level 2 Product Warranty

Coastal Location

Coastal locations (within 2km of the coast) are subject to reduced warranty periods and may incur additional costs. Nicholson must be made aware of the location prior to procurement. Roofbox Standard Warranty period normally reduces to 3 years for coastal locations. Roofbox Level 1 Product Warranty period normally reduces to 5 years for coastal locations.

It is the responsibility of the buyer to register or apply for Level 1 or Level 2 warranties in a timely manner.

Locations outside of the UK

Projects located outside of the United Kingdom are excluded from these warranty arrangements. If you wish to arrange a product warranty for a location outside the United Kingdom, please contact us to discuss project details. Warranty requests outside of the United Kingdom are considered on a case-by-case basis.