Returns policy

Nicholson STS Ltd – Returns policy


Please complete our returns form and provide us with as much information as you can.

If you find you have over ordered or have excess products you may wish to return them to us for a refund. This page sets out the procedure and associated costs for returning products to us;

Nicholson will, at its own discretion, make payment to the Buyer upon receipt of returned Goods subject to a product specific restocking charge.

To arrange a return of Goods and subsequent refund a Returns form must first be completed.

All returns will be subject to the following conditions.

1. Where Goods are to be returned by the Buyer, the Buyer must notify Nicholson within 40 days of the Invoice or Order acknowledgment date. Refunds can only be requested by and made to the original Buyer.

2. Within the restocking charge, Nicholson will arrange collection of the Goods from the address to which they were delivered or elsewhere as advised. It is our preference that Goods are collected from an office address. Missed or failed collections because of the Buyer not being present will be charged at £35.00 each.

3. The Goods must be clearly addressed to Nicholson and the Buyer is responsible for adequately packaging/protecting the Goods for transit so that they arrive in good condition. Goods lost or damaged in transit due to poor packaging by the Buyer will not be refunded.

4. Refunds can only be made for Goods that are received undamaged, in the condition in which they were originally received by the Buyer, and in a re-saleable condition.

5. Delivery charges and service charges on the original invoice are not refundable.

6. Where a quantity discount was given, the discounted amount will be chargeable if the revised Invoice or Order Acknowledgment value is below the threshold value for the relevant discount given.

7. No refunds can be made for bespoke products or Goods that have been customised or made to unique designs or sizes for the Buyer or where the Buyer has been advised that they are non-returnable. Such Goods will include but not be limited to.

    • AIRTRAK® profiles folded to customer specific angles.
    • ROOFTRAK® products which include a customer specific membrane.
    • ROOFTRAK® products manufactured to a specific upstand height.
    • Non-standard ROOFBOX® products that have been specifically designed for the customer.

8. Subject to the above conditions the restocking charge will be applied as below.

    • AIRTRAK® Goods 30%
    • ROOFPORT® Goods  30%
    • ROOFTRAK® Goods 35%
    • ROOFBOX® Goods 35%
    • Masterform® Goods 30%
    • Minimum restocking charge £50.00

9. Payment will be made by BACS at the end of the month in which the Goods were received back into stock.

10. All refunds are ultimately processed at the discretion of Nicholson.

If you have any queries relating to these conditions, please call us on +44 (0) 1763 295 828