ROOFTRAK®-IFP quotation request form

    These are for fixing components to the top of the IFP

    Direct - Fixing goes from the fixing plate directly to the substrate. This may constitute a small amount of thermal transfer. Thermally Broken - Fixings and coupled with a tube washer to provide a thermal break.

    The amount of membrane required for each IFP is as follows;

    • Cold Roof IFP200 Single Ply - 400mm x 400mm per IFP
    • Cold Roof IFP200 Bitumen - 500mm x 500mm per IFP
    • Warm Roof IFP300 Single Ply - 500mm x 500mm per IFP
    • Warm Roof IFP300 Bitumen - 600mm x 600mm per IFP

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