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ROOFTRAK-IFP Integrated Fixing Point
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ROOFTRAK-IFP Integrated Fixing Point

ROOFTRAK Integrated Fixing Point

for solar and balustades 

The ROOFTRAK IFP Integrated Fixing Point system provides a connection to the building structure whilst maintaining 100% integrity of the weathering membrane. Its two main uses are for: Fixing solar arrays to flat and pitched roof areas and fixing balustrades to membrane roofs and parapet walls.

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for timber cladding

ROOFTRAK CRS Cladding Rail System utilises the IFP to provide a weathertight connection between the timber cladding and the building structure. Compatible with any roofing membrane, the rail system provides a versatile and easy method for over-cladding buildings.

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Main benefits of the Integrated Fixing Point system

  • The versatile IFP system is compatible with virtually all leading brands of roof weathering membranes including PVC, TPO, EPDM, SBS, APP, GRP and liquid applied systems
  • The connection point gives 2no. x M10 female threads to which a variety of brackets, rails and support systems can be bolted
  • The IFP utilises innovative patented technology to provide a warranted seal between the fixing point and the factory fitted membrane material
  • Allows a direct connection to the roof structure under the weathering membrane without compromising the waterproofing layer
  • Using our unique CPTTM (Constant Pressure Technology) load forces applied to the IFP do not adversely affect or compress the weathering membrane

The IFP Fixing Point system includes the following products;


IFP200                                  IFP300                              IFP-GR


IFP-AS                                  IFP- B                                IFP- B                  


IFP-HM                                IFP-MR                              IFP-PR


IFP200 – for cold roof constructions and cladding applications. Commonly used for supporting timber cladding over a weathering membrane.

IFP300for warm roof constructions. The IFP300 can be used with thermally broken fixings to avoid thermal bridging.

IFP-GRfor inverted and green roof constructions. The IFP-GR is available in different heights to suit the extra build-up of green and inverted roofing systems.

IFP-ASfor asphalt roofs. Specifically designed for asphalt roofing.

IFP- Bfor balustrades. The IFP-B is available for cold and warm constructions providing a low profile fixing for balustrades.

IFP-HM – for hotmelt roofing systems. The variable height IFP-HM can be used with proprietary hot melt systems to provide a fixing point at the right height.

IFP-MR – for metal roof coverings. A new addition to the range which accommodates the thermal movement experienced in metal roof coverings such as lead, zinc & copper.

IFP-PR – for pitched roofing. Compatible with slated and tiled roofng, the IFP-PR provides a fixing point for pitched roofing.

IFP- Accessories.  A range of compatible brackets and fixings are available for the IFP range.

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